Neck Pain

Neck Pain in Bradenton, FL

A significant part of the population seeks to know how chiropractors treat chronic neck pain in Bradenton, FL. Different from osteoarthritis and chronic back pain in Bradenton, FL, chronic neck pain can be caused by a variety of forces. A chiropractor will initially analyze and assess the chronic neck pain problem of the patient. In doing this, he will ask if there has been a recent accident or injury. Chiropractors ask this to alleviate the possibility of a neck fracture. Additionally, they will want to know if the patient has suffered from a fall or any other recent traumatic incident. The chiropractor will also want to know if there were any symptoms in the neck that could be attributed to an organic disease. If he suspects that this could be a possibility, then the chiropractor will order spinal x-rays to further assess any possible damage.

How Chiropractors Treat Chronic Neck Pain

In assessing the neck injury, a chiropractor will want to know the medical history of the patient, so there may be a series of forms that the patient will need to complete during his first appointment. From these forms, the chiropractor can draw out certain information. For example, the chiropractor will be able to note if there was a history of spinal trauma in the patient’s background. Since the neck is an integrated part of the spine, this information will prove useful in discerning the sort of treatment that the patient should receive, not to mention, it will also pinpoint the exact problem of the chronic pain.

The chiropractor will then introduce the patient to his particular mode of thought. Usually, a chiropractor will view neck pain as a mechanical problem that is relative the total framework of the body and the lifestyle of the patient. The daily stresses of life are taken into account when assessing the pain quotient. Example life stresses include, work, family, diet, habits and exercise. At this time the patient will want to divulge and issues that they may have been having with headaches in addition to the neck pain.

When a final diagnosis is made, the chiropractor will then schedule the patient for a series of adjustments, massages, and additional therapies. A chiropractor will discern whether or not the neck pain is related to posture, wear and tear, repetitive strain, or trauma as noted above. He will then provide postural advice, manual chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative exercises in order to further alleviate the pain – or the root problem of the pain. This is where a chiropractic treatment plan for the soft tissue injury (neck pain) is put into place.

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