Chiropractic Adjustment in Bradenton, FL

Our chiropractor in Bradenton, FL, helps treat and manage osteoarthritis. We'll evaluate your condition to determine the kind of chiropractic adjustment in Bradenton, FL ,you'll need through a consultation to determine your treatment plan. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative form of arthritis that attacks the joints of bones. It is often characterized by pain, tension, swelling of the joints, and stiffness. While most treatment plans include medications to reduce inflammation and swelling, chiropractic care may provide a better alternative to management of the disease. Here are 3 ways that chiropractic care can help osteoarthritis sufferers.

Pain Reduction – By using chiropractic care and aligning the spine, the spinal cord nerves send a signal to the brain. This signal causes the brain to properly balance chemical production which decreases how the body relays pain.

Muscle relaxation – Chiropractic care relieves tension in the muscles by reducing pressure that muscles may hold when the spine is not aligned properly. When the body is in proper alignment the muscles that are attached to the skeletal system stay relaxed and alleviate tension and pressure on the joints.

Increased Range of Motion – Proper spine alignment increases the motion range of the spine, hips, and shoulders. This motion increase helps the adjoining joints increase their own range of motion and helps to decrease stiffness throughout the body. Osteoarthritis can be debilitating, painful, and uncomfortable.

Chiropractic care can provide ongoing relief for pain management. Chiropractors with experience with osteoarthritis will be able to create a treatment plan that doesn’t incorporate direct thrust or joint trauma, but will provide pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and increased range of motion.

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