Pinched Nerves

Pinched Nerve Treatment in Bradenton, FL

Let our chiropractor in Bradenton, FL can diagnose and treat pinched nerves. There are various options for pinched nerve treatment in Bradenton, FL ,but before you decide on one it’s important to know what a pinched nerve is. Nerves are part of the electrical system of the body, carrying impulses from the brain to the muscles. They’re tiny, thread-like lines that extend throughout the body. A pinched nerve occurs when these microscopic threads are bunched between the surrounding tissue. This bunching can be caused by some trauma, such as a car accident or a herniated disc, but it can also happen by simply twisting your body a certain way.

When the nerve gets compressed by tissue in this way, it can’t function in the normal manner. The link between the brain and the muscles is blocked, and the flow of electrical impulses is disrupted. This can lead to numbness, a burning or tingling sensation, muscle spasms, or even pain radiating outward from the affected area. If the condition persists for too long, the nerve will eventually stop working and die.

A pinched nerve can also cause certain complications, such as: peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, or tennis elbow, among other conditions. Early diagnosis of a pinched nerve is important to prevent further damage or complications.

Pinched Nerve Treatment

The goal of pinched nerve treatment is to shrink swollen tissue around the nerve, or to relieve a disc (in the case of a pinched lumbar nerve) or bone spurs pressing on it. Pinched nerve treatment runs the gamut from medication, to physical therapy, to chiropractic manipulation, to acupuncture, to cortisone injection or surgery. Here are some more details about pinched nerve treatment.

Chiropractic: This approach combines spinal manipulation with analysis of stress, nutritional and lifestyle factors. After the acute pain has been resolved, the chiropractor will suggest changes in your conditioning and exercise, stress management, and nutrition and eating habits.

Physical Therapy: This method uses stretching and strengthening exercises to restore function, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Acupuncture: This is an ancient treatment method that involves inserting sharp needles into specific regions of the body, and it has been proven to reduce pain substantially. According to Chinese philosophy, this procedure promotes proper circulation of vital energy (chi) in the body.

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